Dissonance+Frustration=Anger -> Extremism

A simple Dissonance Equation that explains, but in no way justifies the rise of extremism across the UK with parliament itself having a lot to answer for.
A BBC investigation has found that several of the most popular and influential closed Facebook groups about Brexit – both for and against – are filled with violent language, including dozens of death threats aimed at individual MPs. 
Sara Khan, head of The Counter Extremism Commission says that the freedom of people to call out extremism is being muzzled because the definition is so widely drawn it includes not only terrorism but legitimate debate and free speech. Her report today, based on 3,000 responses to her inquiry as well as survey data and visits to 20 towns and cities, will warn that communities are being ripped apart by “hateful extremism” because of the Government’s “unfocused” strategy.
Removing private groups in Facebook or hate filled tweets on Twitter does NOT tackle the root of the problem …. the causes. A great deal of this is the DIRECT result of the continuing dissonance in the UK over Brexit resulting from a dysfunctional parliament filled with people who flatly refuse to honour the referendum result or their manifestos. In turn this is causing an immediate frustration nationwide which has become so intense that you can feel the anger in pubs, shops, the streets. With parliament and ex parliamentarians doing everything they can to thwart the UK leaving the EU, is it any wonder that extremism is the outcome, from both sides, with Leavers seeing democracy being trashed, and Remainers having been led to believe that the Referendum result could be revoked?

Sara Khan’s report should be taken seriously AND acted upon!

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